Two Waterspouts in two days 24/11/2017

With Cold polar air arriving to the North and Northwest of Ireland, winter is truly underway. we have had 3 or 4 days of cold artic air bringing Snow on high Ground, sleet and hail to low levels also some warnings have been givin out for Ice on the roads. This was great to see from a photographers veiw, sadly I have been shelterd here in dungannon with Nothing much happening but a light dusting on saturday morning. Nothing worth shooting. Really I should of been on the North coast but the way things worked out It wasnt to be. Glad to see my friend Martin Mckenna capturing some snow on the Glenshane pass at the weekend, looked like a great blanket of snow had fallen up there. 

With the Cold polar Air coming down over a warm sea it created instability in the air and produced convection producing cumulonimbus Anvil clouds with dramatic hail curtains. 

example below at twighlight


The biggest surprise on Thursday there was an image of a waterspout captured over donegal, A water spout is a Tornado over water. this time just off the coast of donegal. that was great to hear especially from cold polar air.

Then on Friday Stewart Geddes Captured this fantastic Double waterspout just off Rathlin Island. You can clearly see the spray bowl churning the sea up. this is amazing not only to see 1 but to see 2 at the same time is totally epic.  well done to Stewart and thanks for letting me use the image and for letting me hear your story. 

Stewart said " I live up the west of Rathlin in a place called Druim. For the last 2 days we have had these rare weather events, Its Awe inspiring to see. Its coming from the North west coast, then moving on towards Fair head, the Skies all week have had dramatic clouds and amazing light." 


What can I say, truly epic. 

The winter outlook looks like it could be a harsh winter folks, some models going for the setup which give us the harsh winter in 2010. still abit away yet but the start of december looks good for snow and Ice even at low levels. 

What a way to start the season