Persied Meteor shower 2018

The Persied Meteor Shower 2018

Just as the Dark skies come back after the mid summer twighlight I always look forward too 1 of the best Meteor showers of the season, The Persied Meteor shower. The forecast for the peak looked cloudy so my best chance of seeing some Meteors was the Nights before the peak were there was a chance of clear skies, our first chance was on Wednesday 8th August, being 4 days before the peak I wasn't expecting a big pile but it was definetly worth a go for some early meteors or that elusive bright fireball.

I arrived at Ballintoy and met up with friends Martin McKenna, Nigel McFarland and Jim Crawford. It was a nice Surprise when Nigel Produced the BBQ with burgers and sausages, it was great start to our observing session. 

when they were dealing with the BBQ I decided I would go to the top carpark above the Public toilets and shoot some timelapse of the Magnificent Twighlight in front of me. 

After The BBQ we decided to go down too the rocks were I often sea fish from in the Autumn and winter months beside the secret beach. the life bouy made for decent foreground and as the twighlight disappeared and the sky got dark the count began in earnest. while counting the meteors above it was impossable too miss the beauty of the milkyway. It never disappoints after the summer with no dark skies. 

we continued our count well into the early hours before dawn. we counted 56 in total which 2 were fireballs.

as we were coming too the end of the night, twighlight started to come back, we noticed a bright area to the north east. I couldn't believe it it was NLC's in the pre dawn sky, at ths stage I was seeing double with the tiredness but I held out another while too shoot a rare late NLC display. this being the latest NLC display ive ever seen.

Friday 10th August

Day 2 I was joined by Martin McKenna, Conor McDonald, Paul Martin, Glenn Miles and Jim Crawford. I treated the lads too a bbq, sausages, burgers befor we started observing. We were in the Bat cave as I call it looking out too the twighlight sky. the craic was mighty, Jims wife got us a lovely apple pie for after. I was stuffed but the sky was waiting, we packed up the BBQ and our Litter and headed off over towards elephant rock.

My first Idea was too shoot timelapse at the arch rock but I thought I would leave that 1 for another night. Here Is 1 image from that idea, I think it would work well in moonlight.

The count had started and we were seeing a good amount of meteors some faint and other big 1s, I turned my camera facing elephant rock looking North west The guys were shooting away. and then I captured a lovely meteor too the NW. Im glad I got this cause this because this was the only meteor I captured worth posting. the rest in my frame were faint.  

By that stage the count was high, I was delighted with what I was seeing. the meteors were fantastic. everyone was enjoying the it and shouting out each time they seen a meteor. then a nice Iridium flare straked across low in the sky to the north through the green Airglow. which was nice too capture aswell.