Meet the new scope T1, Meade Lightbridge 10 inch Dobsonian

In October of last year, I thought it was time to upgrade My Telescope. Astronomy was always a visual experience for me. before the astrophotography.  I was having some trouble with my last scope not picking up the dim fuzzies such as deep-sky objects and comets etc. After a good browse at different scopes, I decided on the Meade Lightbridge 10 inch Dobsonian mount 

_MG_1427 (2) - Copy.jpg

 as you can see it's quite a beast. I have doubled my aperture- Light gathering capability. from 5 inch to 10 inch. 

it's a delight to use and very easy to set up. great if you want to transport it to different locations as it breaks down into 2 pieces 

It also has a great focuser and it takes 2 inch and 1.25 eyepieces _MG_1431 (2) - Copy.jpg

I also bought a few accessories with it plus upgrading my eyepieces aswell. 

the scope itself comes with a 2" 26mm eyepiece which is a great eyepiece giving you wide-field views of the night sky. 

It came with a reflex sight which wasn't that great, to be honest, so I upgraded it with a telrad finderscope.

the telrad is excellent. really worth getting with it and I recommend it. _MG_1434 (2) - Copy.jpg

I upgraded my eyepieces to Celestron luminous 10mm and the 2.5 Barlow which takes 2inch and 1.25 eyepieces. amazing and worth every penny. _MG_1448.jpg 

I've put the telescope through its paces now, seeing many objects I have never seen before. It's a great upgrade and I can't wait to hunt down a few comets with it.  

I named the scope T1  after Thomas Romney Robinson. an Irish Astronomer. I admire his work. he was the first man who observed noctilucent clouds and maybe had his hand in being the first to observe the whirlpool galaxy aswell.  Thomas 1

 great scope for anyone looking to do more visual astronomy. I highly recommend this scope.

I'm also dabbling in deep sky photography with the Ioptron skyguider pro. which is a whole different Path. Ive a lot to learn but will hopefully be up to scratch soon enough. 

keep looking up folks.